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We Provide Value
Our ability to successfully prepare pleadings and routinely resolve legal matters in an expedient and cost-effective manner, along with our exceptional interpersonal skills provide significant value to our clients.

The Arkoosh Law Offices team is unique. Our lawyers are among the most learned, energetic, and highly credentialed professionals in the state. We assist with a spectrum of missions, from simple business agreements to complex litigation – in everything from natural resources to high technology. Our litigators are competent advocates in Idaho’s federal and state courts, with extraordinary success in achieving our clients’ desired outcomes.

Our balance of tested professionals, innovative approaches, and expertise provides our clients with exceptional representation at the negotiating table and in the courtroom. You simply will not find another firm in Idaho with this range of competency, new thinking, and experience.


Arkoosh Law Offices is committed to delivering custom tailored guidance at an exceptional value. Our team of highly skilled litigators and legal counselors understand that sometimes the best solution can be found outside of Court. We are the law firm with the experience and knowledge you can trust, providing the representation you deserve.



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